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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Free Salt Water Monster Truck Giveaway at

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Grace Hodgin over at has some great things to say about our Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck...

My oldest grandson will be 13 years old this year! The one thing I notice about each birthday is how much harder it is becoming to get him a present that is really cool and age appropriate. I don't always buy the video games that he likes because I prefer to get him something that will use the other parts of his brain. It is difficult to find a really neat toy that isn't super expensive too.

I like the things I buy to teach him something or let him explore an avenue in life he has not been ontroduced to so he can expand his knowledge. I know several of you are shaking your heads in agreement right now but what toy is out there that can do all that but still be affordable?

Owirobot is definitely going to be a site you want to go browse and shop. They have some really neat things that will intrigue anyone that likes to put things together and see them go.

The Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck Kit has so much to offer. When we got our kit my first reaction was, "Wow, thats a lot of parts?"

I use to put model cars together when I was a kid so I was naturally drawn to it. What a great bonding experience between a kid and an adult that could help them in creating this truck.

My father and I put together a model V-8 engine once that really worked. I had a curiosity about how cars ran and fixing them so my dad used this to help me understand the basics. These kits have the same educational experience for any child that would like to learn how engines work. This one works as a flat or V-8 engine. The pistons move and you can see the parts moving as it travels on its salt water fuel.

That takes us to the next brilliant design feature of this truck. Green living. With our energy crisis being what it is today we really need to train our youths to think out of the box or 'out of the oil tank' if you get my drift and into green fuel option.

What a wonderful way to get into the spirit of alternative fuel options by letting them experience something they can make, add salt water to the fuel cell and watch it run. These are fascinating and they run for about 15 minutes on salt water drops. Extra magnesium strips come with the kit so you have lots of play time!

There is even a dropper included to use to drop your salt water on the fuel cell. It is a complete kit with lots of hours of fun included. I think this could easily be used as a science project as well! The manual is concise and informative. They even have trouble shooting Youtube videos if you have trouble getting yours to run. We weren't using enough salt in our water so we went to the video's and they solves our problems. 

Trucks aren't the only thing on sale at Owikit. Robots, tiny cars, bugs, you name it you can find something over there and have a great time while learning. I'm not the only one who thinks this is a great company. The Institute for Childhood Resources has selected Hyper Peppy robot kit as Dr. Toy's "Top Ten Creative Products" winner and "100 Best Children's Products" winner. Dr. Toy says,
"A sure fire winner for a new adventure for a parent and child to do together." Also, it has been selected by the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association as "Top Toys to Rival Computers".
Summer is coming and what is in your toy box that will nurture those kids' creativity? You can use their logo on my side bar to get to their site! I was just over on their facebook page and saw this:
"For a limited time get 10% off all of our new 2012 kits! Simply type "tenoff" in the coupon code box at checkout."
Why wait?

Don't you think Owirobot should be in your toy box this year? I do!

Owirobot is also offering the same kit for one of my readers so enter for your chance to win.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dr.Toy Selects OWI Hyper Peppy as Best Classic Toy for 2012

The Institute for Childhood Resources has selected the Hyper Peppy robot kit as Dr. Toy's "Top Ten Creative Products" winner and "100 Best Children's Products" winner. Dr. Toy says, "A sure fire winner for a new adventure for a parent and child to do together." Also, it has been selected by the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association as "Top 10 Toys to Rival Computers".

Hyper Peppy is a spunky little robot that your child can build. Explore the fundamentals of robotics with this informative and entertaining robot kit. Hyper Peppy is an intelligent robot with a touch/sound sensor. If it comes in contact with an object or hears a loud noise (such as hands clapping), Hyper Peppy automatically reverses, then turns left before embarking on a new course.

Hyper Peppy is lots of fun from the moment it arrives. Requiring only basic hand tools, the kit contains complete step-by-step instructions, pre-assembled printed circuit board, condenser microphone, and an easy-to-assemble mechanical drive system. It's an ideal gift for the hobbyist or budding scientist.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Trends in Robotics Technology

Robotics technology, like many fields of technology, is a rapidly evolving field with frequent innovations. Because there are so many ways that robotics can be used, from imitating humans, to toys, to streamlining factories. Trends vary from year to year and rapidly develop. Here are some of the most current trends in our field:

Future of Robotics Technology

OWI, like the best robotics companies, now incorporate sustainability into our newer models. As opposed to disposable batteries or wall chargers, many newer models of robots are powered by solar power or by fuel cells, both of which can run indefinitely and use renewable resources. Because robotics tend to be on a smaller scale than mots machines, it is possible to use technologies which are not yet in wide use for full-scale machinery. For children, the presence of such features in their toys provides a fun lesson in environmentalism, incorporating sustainability into their everyday life and play.

Solar powered robots are able to run wherever there is sunlight, and some store this excess energy collected for later use.

Our fuel cell robot can run on salt water alone, utilizing electrochemical fuel cell technology which is not yet generally used in cars or factories. A fuel cell is an electrochemical cell that converts energy from a fuel into electrical energy. Fuel cells can operate continuously as long as the necessary reactant and oxidant flows are maintained. In this cell, magnesium is the anode, the porous carbon sheet (air) is the cathode, and saltwater is the electrolyte. This is known as an air-depolarizing type of battery. During chemical reactions, alkaline earth metals (magnesium) lose two electrons. Elementary halogens such as chlorine, which can be found in ordinary table salt (NaCl), are also relatively reactive. Unlike the alkaline earth metals, the halogens tend to gain electrons. These are known as oxidizing agents because they remove electrons from other elements. 

The saltwater slowly dissolves the magnesium sheet to produce hydrogen ions that migrate to the carbon cathode, thus creating an electrical current. The carbon surface would almost immediately become blocked, or polarized, by the hydrogen except that the carbon is porous. Air diffuses down through the carbon and yields oxygen that combines with the hydrogen to form water, permitting the electrical effect to continue. 


Many people have heard about robots with sensory technology thanks to the popularity of vacuum cleaners which sense themselves around the room, or about prototypes of driverless cars. This same robotics technology is eliminating the necessity of clunky, imprecise remote controls for robotics. many robots and robotic vehicles now come with sensory technology enabling them to navigate corners, walls, and furniture. Others may change course when prompted by the presence of a loud sound.

Robotics from OWI Robot

Toy robots are now often convertible, meaning they are made to be transformed between several different forms with small, simple actions on the part of the owner. This means that one robot can be many toys in one, for example, being able to change from car to boat to windmill. many robots are now able to perform many actions or take many forms, because so much more information can be programmed into them than was possible in the past. 

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