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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tips to Finding Great Venues for Robot Camps

How to Start and Learn About Robotics

Let's say you're looking to create a device that moves freely around a solid surface on wheels and is actually able to interact with the environment around it, learning how to properly craft and assemble such robots is an incredible skill that, although fascinating and inspiring, does take a some amount of know-how in order to create the desired animatronic that moves and performs in the desired way. Whether you have some experience with robots before or are green and completely new to the subject, there are several ways you can gain the desired knowledge to begin starting on your very own 7-in-1 Robot Kit.

Is Robotics Complicated

Robotics ranges from rather simplistic to extremely complicated; it all depends what you want the robot to do. Starting off, there are general functions you can program into a robot that takes only basic know-how. However, when you want the equipment to fully interact with the environment, without your real-time handling, it takes extensive engineering and electronic knowledge to do so.

Is Robotics Expensive?

You can build robots from just about anything you have in your house, so if there are old electronics, cables and wires sitting around, you can strip the equipment and use it with your robot. Most necessary equipment is inexpensive; although computer integrated hardware does begin to add a hefty price tag to the project.

Online Information to Learn Robotics

The Internet is an excellent location to gain valuable insight into robotics design. From building a robot to programming the equipment, it literally is possible to learn everything you need to over the internet. Sites like,, and are all excellent locations to start when you want to learn.

Use of Robotic Kits to Learn

Robot kits are great ways to learn about the technology and how to craft a robot, all with instructions. This is an excellent building block to push you towards creating your own robot eventually.

Robotic Camps for 2012

One of the best ways to begin learning about robotics is through the aid of a camp. These camps provide instruction on the design and craft of building a robot, so whether you are experienced or new, there are instructions capable of showing you exactly what you need to do and answer any question you may have about the design and crafting process.

What to Expect at a Robotics Camp

If you have never been to a robotics camp, you need to know what to expect before venturing out. These camps are filled with other interested individuals who have a passion to create their own robots. Here you can share your current knowledge with new friends, and with the structured class-like setting of the camps, you are shown how to manipulate and develop your own robots, all under the instructions of professionals. Here, you can have all your questions answered and learn new techniques to improve your craft once you return home.

Robotics from OWI

There is a large line of robotics from OWI, which allow you to build an impressive array of different designs, all capable of performing different actions. Some of which are even solar powered, so you don't have to worry about integrating a battery system. Just remember, if you have a question pertaining to robotics, are interested in summer camps or just want to learn more about how robotics work, make sure to contact us with any question you have as we are happy to help you in any way possible.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 Reviews Our 7-in-1 Rechargeable Solar Transformer

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DOES: a build and play set where building is over half the fun; instant kid magnet at the park; car charges don't last long but the cars are fast; charging by battery takes just seconds; battery charger included
INVEST: $26.95 depending on retailer
TOOLS: Social Scene Helper, Think Like a Scientist/Engineer
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If my son could have his way, he would buy all the science kits that are made for boys his age. But the truth is, I don't buy that many for him. Many science kits on the market today are not very open-ended. As with some craft kits that many girls may be purchasing, some science kits can also be too "one-note" as Number 5's mom would say.

However, when I saw OWI's 7-in-1 Transformers Kit and saw the video of a little solar car zipping around, I figured if there was any solar kit that sang more than one not, this would be it.

But when we got it, I made a conclusion about my knowledge of science kits.

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Do you remember what models looked like? Not the runway kind but those plastic models that boys used to do "back in the day"? This kit reminds me a little of that except this time, there are solar panels! The models of yesteryear were a challenge to build but then sort of sat there until your mom threw it away. This kit may not contain as much of that challenge because you can surely finish it on the same day however, you can really play with it afterwards - a huge plus for us.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

July's Free Robot Giveaway

We're continuing our monthly free robot giveaway below. Be sure to enter, after all it's free!

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Kiddie Corner Deals Reviews Our Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck

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Gavyn has had an interest in building since a very young age. Now that he is getting older, he wants to explore different options. He is a big fan of Legos and K'Nex and will bring his buckets down daily. He enjoys building with his dad, and as a parent I love all the benefits building provides. They use their imaginations, fine motor skills, problems solving skills and numerous other benefits. But a company I was introduced to has taken building to an entire new level by introducing robotic kits for kids and adults that familiarizes children to robotics, science and solar technology. OWI Robotics offer RobotiKits and OWIKits in different levels for beginners to advance. The kits are unique, fun and educational.

We chose the Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck as Gavyn still enjoys large trucks but he was going to learn quite a bit with this kit. The kit includes plastic parts and mechanical parts; motor with connections, pinion gear and gear.

My husband helped Gavyn with the kit and he highly recommends having needle nose pliers available if you have large fingers, as the parts are small; such as the pistons and rods. Do not cut off all the parts ahead of time, do this as you go by steps as the plastic they are attached to has the letters and numbers of the parts that you'll need. The instructions are step-by-step with alphanumeric numbers for the parts, showing what parts are required to be assembled.

Once mixed you'll remove the fuel cell plate, cover and magnesium sheet to add salt water on the nonwoven fabric. Replace everything and watch the truck move. I timed our monster truck and it ran for about 15 minutes before having to add more salt water. I couldn't just test it on carpets, so outdoors Gavyn and I went to see how well it did on different terrain types such as rocks, dirt, grass and hills. We were all surprised at the monster truck chugging away.

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