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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grandson Reviews Our 7 in 1 Rechargeable Solar Tranformer

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I'm taking the youngest grandson with me on my travels which leaves the two older ones at home. I really hate to leave them but they have school. To make it up to them I'm leaving each something really cool to play with while I'm gone. I'm leaving Mr. K with the OWI 7 in 1 Rechargeable Solar Transformers. He gets to use his reading skills and follow the directions to put it together. I love that this will really get him to use his thinking skills to put it together.

This is a solar science kit just begging to be put together and encourage creativity. I love projects that reward kids with a sense of pride and accomplishment and this product will do that.

Doing it himself should be a fun project as it has all snap together plastic parts (no screws, tools required) It has 7 different modules: 2 power charging stations and 5 different vehicles that are a Solar Car, Concept Car, Bulldozer, Dump Truck and Concept Racer. He will also get a chance to learn and apply solar energy. He loves science so this will be right up his alley.

The 7 in 1 Rechargeable Solar Transformer has been selected as a TDMonthly Magazine May Issue Staff Pick.

I stopped in to visit the grand children and asked Mr. K how he did with the 7 in 1 Rechargeable Solar Transformers kit I left for him. He proudly smiled and retrieved it from his room. He was really pleased that he did it all himself and was really fascinated by how it worked and the concept of solar energy. He gave it a test run for me and showed me how he could power up his car with the transforming station.

He also told me his plans of using it for a science project and how he is going to learn more about solar energy. I just love it when a toy inspires a child to want to learn more and helps them make responsible choices as well to alternative fuel choices. You can check out more products by OWI Robotics here to inspire your child to being creative and learn about responsible choices for our Earth's environment.


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