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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Research in Education Robotics for Kids

As technology moves forward by leaps and bounds, the educational needs of our children must change. Science and technology have become integral in our daily lifestyles, and as a result, there is more of a need than ever for children to be exposed to concepts and ideas that can make them competitive in the global economy. One area that is certain to see more growth is robotics. Below are some of the way that robotics can be essential to your child's education.

Benefits of Robotics for Kids

Research in education robotics for kids, show that children who have exposure to robotics tend to do better in the fields of science, technology engineering and math (STEM). These fields are more important than every globally, and their importance will not be lessening any time soon. Research in robotics education for kids, show that if you want your child to be a viable part of tomorrow's economy, STEM skills are invaluable.

  • Robotics help to foster creativity and problem-solving skills. There are countless applications of robot technology at play in the modern world. They all share one thing in common: they all provide a solution to an existing problem. Whether they robotics are used on a factory assembly line, or in a hospital operating room, or a NASA lab, robots provide creative solutions that augment our human abilities. Research in education robotics for kids, show that early exposure helps to foster technical creativity when faced with problems.
  • Exposure to robotics helps to build confidence. Nothing inspires like a completed task. Kids everywhere love being presented with challenges, and they love meeting and exceeding expectations. Robotic technology allows kids to identify problems and develop ideas to fix them, and then build the conceived solution. In a world that can often leave people with little to no autonomy, this is unbelievably empowering for anyone, especially a child.
  • Research in robotic education for kids show that robotics classes help foster stronger peer grouping in the classroom. Collaborative projects and group research help strengthen children's social bonds and identity. Spending time working with peers to create and develop solutions to real-world issues, help children find their voice - and helps to develop the compassion to hear the voice of others. 
Stronger peer connections, empowerment through problem-solving, creativity, and more career options - robotics technology can enrich your child's life in many ways. Don't get blinded by the research in education robotics for kids, though. Above all else, robotics are fun for everyone!

Robotics for Kids in Practice and Research

Research in robotic education for kids makes it apparent that the next area of growth in the field is developing a new generation of research scientists that are comfortable with robotics as a concept. The availability of affordable and effective robotic tools for children makes the development of the scientists of tomorrow that much easier.

Robotic Kits Available for Kids

Thankfully, there are so many option available that offers a wide variety of robotic sets for kids. We offer several sets for kids that fit virtually any temperament and interest level. Solar-powered robots, transforming robots, 3-in-1 multi-part kits or robotic insects. At OWI Robotics, we try and help foster the scientists of tomorrow!

Contact us now at OWI Robotics for more information about robotics for kids!


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