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Friday, November 30, 2012

Top Robotic Companies in the World

The top robotic companies in the world focus their energy on creating top-notch products and providing customers with the best possible instructional resources available. These businesses also devote significant time and manpower to researching the latest technologies in the field of robotics. Incorporating these innovations into the newest robotic kits translates into more challenging and fulfilling experiences for all levels of robotic enthusiasts. In addition to technology research, these companies are committed to accessible education in robotics for anyone interested in learning about this exciting part of the science and engineering fields.

Recognizable Names in the Robotics Industry

The following list of robotic companies include several leaders in the industry, and several of them have gained excellent reputations for applying robot technology to specific niche areas. 
  • The Science Kit Center - This company offers a range of beginner robot kits that have impressive end results. New builders can assemble a robot that catches and throws a ball back to them or one that moves in response to audio stimuli. Each of these robot kits is designed for ease of construction, and they also introduce beginners to robotic concepts such as basic binary command input.
  • Mekatronix - A top feature of this robotic company is its extensive set of resources for science and technology educators. Mekatronix develops specialized curriculum for both secondary schools and university robotics engineering courses, and the company provides free starter packets to teachers who want to start student robotics clubs. These instructional materials are high quality supplements to Mekatronix's extensive catalog of robotic kits and accessories. 
  • Lynxmotion - Robotic hobbyists and professionals, both give this company high marks for its custom kits that Lynxmotion developers have created from scratch. This company has one of the biggest varieties in kits designed for all experience levels. Each kit is fabricated from top quality materials, which results in a sophisticated robot that accepts a variety of human commands. 
  • OWI Robotics - In 1980, OWI Incorporated, was looking for a way to expand its consumer product lines and bring its extensive technology background to the educational community. RobotiKits™ and OWIKits® were developed to affordably introduce students to robotics, science and solar technology. OWI Robotics is the leading supplier of robotic, aluminum bug kits, building and solar kits, to schools, science clubs, science education centers and science camps. The kits are available at hobby, educational, toy and museum stores nationwide. The kits are available in five difficulty levels - raning from beginners with no experience, up to advanced circuit board soldering and mechanical assembly -- challenging builders from grade school to adult. In conjunction with educators, OWI Robotics has developed a fully structured teaching curriculum with modules tailored to the kit's unique electronic and mechanical features. 

Cutting Edge Robotic Products and Services

These top robotic companies are reshaping the industry by making both materials and resources available to anyone interested in learning about this dynamic field. Each business has goals of educating the public about the possibilities in robotics and how it could possibly shape other areas in the future. Manufacturing, energy production and even daily household chores are just a few such examples that are already seeing changes due to robotics technology.

Company Instructional Resources

Lynxmotion, Mekatronix, OWI Robotics and The Science Kit Center all rank among the top robotics companies due to their emphasis on product excellence and on education. Their research and development teams work consistently to make the best quality robotic kits available to consumers. Each company also provides plenty of user-friendly learning resources for robotic beginners. These factors indicate that all four companies employ developers who understand that robotics is a field that moves at the high speed of technology, and it is also a valuable medium for teaching complex science concepts. Readers who are interested in learning more can contact us for robotics details. 

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