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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Robotics Education for Children

Benefits of Robotics Education for Children

Children from preschool to high school age can gain plenty of advantages by learning robotics. Adding this activity either at home or in school will enhance their overall science education in several ways, including:
  • Improvement in following instructions
  • Ability to see a project through to completion
  • Better understanding of concepts such as motion physics, engineering and even green technology.
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills through testing robots for functionality. 
Although reading and studying are important, science courses that include these types of hands-on activities are more enjoyable for the students and more successful for their teachers. Unfamiliar science and engineering concepts can be challenging for some students to grasp by reading alone, particularly for those who are kinesthetic learners. Those who apply those same concepts to a robotics project can retain the material at a much better rate and subsequently score higher on science exams.

Robotics Training

Several sources exist for top-notch robotics education. Interested children can attend robotics camps or participate in after-school science enrichment programs. These can be excellent places for introducing beginners to the steps of putting together kit robots and checking that all parts are working correctly. More experienced robot builders at the middle- and high school levels can complete robotics projects from scratch and enter them in science fairs. These students can even form school robotics clubs where they can share tips and ideas for successful robot-building. Outside of schools, camps and after-school programs, kids and their parents can try robotics projects at home by purchasing kits from beginner to advanced levels.

Robotics Kits for Children

Best-selling robotics kits for younger kids usually have fewer and simpler parts that can be snapped together without the need for any tools. These kits can be great introductions to robot-building fundamentals, including following written instructions and examining diagrams. Some basic robot kits also include salt water fuel cell batteries or mini-solar panels, and these can be fun instructional aids for learning about alternative sources of energy. Favorite beginning robotics kits include:
  • The Salt Water Fuel Cell Car
  • The 3 in 1 Solar Stallion
  • The Frightened Grasshopper
  • The Happy Hopping Frog 
Older kids who have mastered the basics can move on to more advanced robot kits that require more building steps, more intricate instructions and the use of tools such as screwdrivers. These types of kits are designed to expand on existing skills and knowledge, and some popular kits are:
  • The Robotic Arm Edge
  • The 3-in-1 All Terrain Robot
  • The Moonwalker II
Robotics education is worth adding to an existing science classroom curriculum or pursued as a hobby for interested builders of all ages. Getting started is as simple as purchasing a beginning kit and giving it a try. Contact us for robotics kit types and pricing today.


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