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Monday, December 31, 2012

Toy Robots for Boys

Toy Robots for Boys

Parents shopping for toy robots have plenty to choose from, and today's toy robot manufacturers use high-grade materials that withstand frequent playtime. A number of robots are now fabricated with clean alternative energy sources, so they do not come with the need to purchase batteries on a continuous basis. Toy robots for boys vary in design according to age level, and buyers can find them for toddlers and children along with more complex models geared towards adult enthusiasts.

Toy Robots for Toddlers

Robots appropriate for toddlers are relatively simple in design and sturdy enough to withstand rough play from a lively youngster. For safety reasons, these types of toy robots for boys normally have only a few moving parts and none that detach. Some toy robots for this age group come already assembled, while others may have interlocking parts that need basic assembly from an adult.

Toy Robots for Children

Once young robot enthusiasts reach elementary-school age, they are normally ready to learn beginning robot kit building. A basic kit comes with several parts that snap together without the need for tool use. With an adult's supervision, putting together one of these toy robots for boys is both fun and educational. This project is a good way to introduce skills such as following printed instructions and comparing a finished robot to a printed instructional diagram.  Some popular choices include:
  • The Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck Kit
  • The 6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit
  • The Super Solar Racing Car
Each of these toy robot kits provides a fun introduction to scientific concepts such as kinetics and green energy. By completing a toy robot kit, children can get a good idea of how these areas of science apply in the real world outside their classrooms.

Toy Robots for Adults

Enthusiasm for robot-building projects does not fade for many adults, and a number of people continue this kind of hobby while pursuing career fields in science or engineering fields. Toy robot kits for adults can come with large numbers of parts to be attached by soldering or similar methods. Some of these advanced robot kits may also require builders to fabricate certain parts themselves out of scrap metal or other materials. Many adult robot builders greatly enjoy these kinds of toy robots because they present rewarding challenges and allow the robot hobbyists to use their existing technical skills in creative ways. Some available toy robot kits for adults include:
  • The Robotic Arm Edge
  • The programmable WAO Kranius robot
  • The Beamster kit for introducing or reviewing soldering techniques
Toy robots for boys are available for all age groups, and they range from simple to quite complex. Kit robots are designed to teach and reinforce applied scientific concepts, and builders can try more advanced kits whenever they feel ready for them. Contact us for robotics kit listings and prices today.


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