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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Best Robotic Kits for Beginners

We've found that the best outlet for individuals with a fledgling talent in mechanics and electronics are robotic kits for beginners. These beginner kits are a great way to learn some of the fundamental principles of robotics, while simultaneously nurturing creativity and skill. Some of our kits are also powered by salt water and solar energy, which serves to enhance a beginner's understanding of clean, renewable energy sources while providing an engaging and entertaining experience, using some of the best robotic kits available.

Entry Level Robot Kits

In our lengthy experience, the best robotic kits are easy to use, durable and made from non-toxic, safe parts that children are able to handle. To get a better idea of which beginning robotic kits to start with, we've created a list below:

6-in-1 Educational Solar Kits - This kit is easily among the best for beginners as well as being one of our most decorated and awarded products to date. The 6-in-1 teaches the basics of assembly and the reuse of parts while giving users the added advantage of requiring no external batteries. It's configuration allows multiple constructions and extended enjoyment at (what we believe) is a very affordable price. The 6-in-1 also teaches the basics of how an electronic motor functions and how the construction of a miniature powerboat or racecar mirrors the functioning of their larger counterparts.

Robotic Arm Edge - A robotic arm kit is also one of the cooler starter kits for an amateur builder. It allows the user to work on slightly more complex movement functions and honestly, just looks flat-out cool. The assembly process is incredibly fun, as is using the robotic arm to maneuver, lift and move objects. The arm is operated via wired remote control that allows the user to control the movement of the arm on multiple axes. There is also a USB interface that allows you to control the Robotic Arm Edge with your computer! We fill that the best robotic kits provide hours of inventive and fun-filled play. The Robotic Arm Edge has this in spades.

3-in-1 All-Terrain Robot - Intelligently designed for play as a toy or as an effective robotics project, the All-Terrain Robot can be assembled in three different variations; a gripper, a rover and an industrial forklift. The realistic tracks replace tires for superior traction and all-terrain movement and the gripper can be used to lift small objects. Typically powered by AA batteries, this all-terrain robot is great as a functional toy while teaching basic robot construction.

Get the Best Robotics from OWI Robot

OWI Robotics is a premier manufacturer of high quality robotics kits for beginners and advanced enthusiasts. The company offers battery-powered, solar-powered and salt water-powered kits a single, 3-in-1 or even 7-in-1 variants. From popular kits that create toys such as the 'Frightened Grasshopper' and all-aluminum dinosaur kits to robotic arm kits, OWI Robotics has the best robot kits for every level of play and learning.

Contact us for robotic kits for beginners, to enter a world of fun and learning.


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