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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Do It Yourself!

DIY Robotics

With DIY robotics, individuals set up new kinds of automated structures or robots that perform various tasks. Robotics has come a long way from the old, clunky models seen in retail magazines of the 1980s. Today's robots are quite diverse. Some of them have more of a focus on visual appeal, while others are built to perform specific functions. DIY robotics produces working products of all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique style and utility.

What Does DIY Robotics Involve?

Building robots from scratch involves a careful study of a desired result, along with science and know-how that takes the builder toward that goal or objective. DIY robotics projects need specific hardware to function, along with the right kinds of programming and design. Many 'napkin drawings' for DIY robotics involve figuring out what the robot is supposed to do and how it will physically or mechanically achieve these tasks. Then the DIY builder reaches toward resources that will deliver the tools and equipment to construct a working design. A DIY robotics engineer will often look at specific kinds of mobility, along with structures that help a robot to grasp objects, measure heights, or perform any other kinds of advanced functions. DIY robotics also often involves looking at power sources for a robot. While these used to be limited to a bulky battery pack or a power cord, new advances in solar technology, as well as salt water fuel cell and other sustainable methods, have helped DIY robotic designers to power up their products in ways that won't restrict their mobility or use up a lot of electricity from the grid. Planners can look to the most current types of power sources when planning their build and reduce weight, also conserving environmental resources.

DIY Robotics with OWI Robotics

A goal here at OWI Robotics is to help builders put together a DIY robotic product from start to finish. Our catalog provides full scale robotic kits as well as smaller alternatives that are as equally effective for nearly any DIY robotics design. We offer accessories, instructional materials and alternative energy sourcing for robotic projects to provide a kind of one-stop shop for designers who want to make their DIY robotics dreams come true. Get a full kit to put together a working robot, or find ways to power up existing designs with the newest technologies around. We're dedicated to helping hobbyists, professionals and others build the best robotic designs possible, with the newest materials and the most current engineering philosophies available to the market.

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