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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What is Robotics?

When it comes to do-it-yourself hobbies and activities, there's not much that comes close to the world of robotics. Robotics is more than just a fascinating area of study, because the process of building your own robotic systems is immensely rewarding and educational. And, the feeling of accomplishment is second to none.

History of Robotics

So, what is robotics? Robotics is a branch of technology that deals with all the logistics of robots: designing, building, operating, manufacturing and then applying robotic and computer systems for different tasks. When one thinks of robots they might think of movies like Star Wars or Wall-E. Truth be told, robots play a huge role in pop culture and the thought of robots evokes a sense of wonder. Some people think the idea of robots entering our lives will only occur in the far-off future, when in fact, robotics have been around since ancient times. While not quite what one might imagine as a robot, Archytas, a Greek mathematician, suggested the creation of "The Pigeon," a steam-powered bird. In fact, he created several automated machines that made use of air pressure and water also. But the first signs of modern, useful robotics didn't show up until 1926, when Westinghouse released Televox. A man-sized robot, Televox was able to pick up a ringing telephone, in addition to several other features. Within just 28 years, the first practical modern robot was invented by George Devol. The robot, Unimate, would be sold to General Motors and served on the assembly line starting in 1961. Still, robots were expensive, and it seemed like average citizens wouldn't make use of robots until far off in the future. But, the future is now. Though they might not look like R2-D2 or C-3PO, robots are all around us. Ever microwave a TV dinner or leftovers? That rotating platter that spins your food could be considered a robotic application. If that seems too simple, how about the iRobot Roomba? It's a circular vacuum cleaner that'll patrol a room on its own and suck up and dirt. Almost every piece of technology we interact with on a daily basis has roots in robotics. And now that you know the answer to "What is robotics?", now's a great time to delve into the world of robotics.

Robotics from OWI Robots

It might seem intimidating to get into robotics as a hobby, but in truth it couldn't be any easier. Which is why here at OWI Robots we sell comprehensive robotic kits that include everything you need to start tinkering and building your own robots. You get all the tools and materials required, but after completing your own robot kit, we're pretty sure you will want some tools of your own. What's really amazing is how much you will learn when working on robot kits. This is why we believe robotics is such a great hobby for children. They can take the scientific lessons they learn in school and apply it to their kits. Solar energy and kinetic energy are just some lessons that kids can learn more about when they work on robot kits. It truly is rewarding for them as well. Robots aren't just involved in some far-off scientific field where brainy scientists tinker away at complicated machines. Robots are a part of our technology-fueled lives and now's the time to get involved. What is robotics? A whole lot of fun, that's what! If you're ready to get started, visit OWI Robotics at today.

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